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Global Tender

You may partner with us to identify the addressable availability gaps in the requirements of the government and hospital tenders in your country. Our years of association with several manufacturing facilities of international quality standards and a large range of medical products may offer better value for the unaddressed requirements in your country as well as your organisation ultimately benefiting the patients.


Named Patient

Health units around the globe treating critical ailments often find themselves in a situation where a particular medicine offers the potential to improve a patient’s health but remains inaccessible to the patient due to unavailability or high costs. For such cases, most governments around the globe offer a legal provision to import an unregistered medicine for the use of a particular patient. Our years of experience in delivering named patient supplies to several countries in a compliant manner would equip your organisation to offer much wider treatment options for your patients.


Clinical Trial

Clinical Trials form the basis of the development of innovative, effective and affordable treatment options. Finding a suitable partner for the supply of comparator drugs has been a challenge for many organisations because it requires trusted sources and needs highly efficient temperature handling throughout the supply chain to maintain the potency of the medicine against which the medicine in trial is being compared. Our strict adherence to International Good distribution practices and years of experience in sourcing high- quality comparator drugs can be useful for your specific clinical trial requirements.


Validated Cold
Chain shipments

Global distribution of critical medicines requiring strict temperature control throughout the supply chain needs experience. In fact, each shipment of temperature-sensitive medicines requires detailed route planning with logistic partners, the right packaging as per the prevailing temperature conditions at all the transit points and effective execution while considering the expected transit time, especially for farfetched destinations in Africa and LATAM. Our in-house cold chain team of experienced professionals closely work with you to ensure that your shipments are delivered to you in the optimum condition.


Compliant Unlicensed

Be it Global Tenders, Named Patient Supplies, Clinical Trial supplies or Emergency and shortage supplies, compliance to origin and destination regulations is our top priority and hence we closely work with regulatory experts and clients to ensure all the legal requirements are being fulfilled. While discussing with some of our existing clients, it also appeared that many health organisations globally have misconceptions about the legality of unlicensed supplies. It needs to be addressed by mutual discussion and initiative in order to get clarity and improve treatment options for the patients we are serving in our respective countries.

Compliant Unlicensed supplies