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About Eudaico

We are Eudaico, your partner in ensuring the right to health for all by ensuring faster and more inclusive access to medicines across the globe. Our name ‘Eudaico’ is derived from the Greek word   ‘Eudaimonia’ which means welfare and happiness. It resonates with our company’s objective of being a global organization that spreads welfare and happiness to the living kind around the world by making high-quality pharmaceuticals accessible to all.

As a global pharmaceutical supplier, we believe in providing best in class and consistent quality of medical supplies to every section of society, by building an efficient, scalable and sustainable healthcare business model. We don’t see any differentiation such as ‘Regulated’ or ‘Semi-regulated’, because our organization thinks that every individual patient deserves high quality medicines for leading a healthy life, irrespective of their economic disparities.

Be it generics or branded medicines, emergency medical supplies or specialty pharmaceuticals, our approach is focused on providing high-quality medicines to the patient through a streamlined process while complying with international regulations and global best practices. Thus, we intend to contribute towards the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals of “No Poverty” and “Good Health & Well Being for All” by ensuring access to quality & affordable healthcare for the remaining 50% of the global population, who are still waiting for essential health services, as per UN estimates.

Our Credentials

Registered with the Ministry of Health India and Indian FDA

Compliant with good distribution practices recommended by WHO

Registered with Pharmexcil and Chamber of Commerce

Over 55 years of experience in global pharmaceutical distribution

Expertise in specialty medicines required in Oncology, Anti-Infectives, HIV, Diabetes, Organ transplant, Blood Derivatives, Nephrology, Rheumatic, Ophthalmic, Hepatology, Haematology, and Endocrinal treatments.


Our Mission

We are on a mission to help healthcare entities ensure appropriate treatment for all their patients by accessing quality medicines at the right time in an affordable manner. This would enhance the trust and confidence in the organisation among the patients they serve and improve the quality of healthcare for currently underserved populations

Director’s Message

Being responsible for fulfilling the critical requirements of patient care can be an immensely challenging task. Most doctors have encountered numerous situations in their lives where patients and their families looked to them as the sole source of hope for recovery. The level of responsibility doctors face in those moments is indescribable.

However, it’s not just the frontline medical professionals who bear this weight. The entire medical industry carries an unspoken responsibility to serve humanity. Even activities like operations and procurement, which may seem routine, have brought us face-to-face with such instances—both personally and professionally. Over time, the line between personal and professional spaces becomes blurred.

There have been times when we were unable to do much, such as during the COVID-19 pandemic when people desperately sought a specific medication that was unavailable. We’ve encountered parents seeking expensive patented medicines for their infants with no alternative, which they couldn’t afford, or health organizations struggling to obtain essential medicines due to logistical disruptions caused by civil unrest.

In such cases, all we can do is try our best and hold onto hope. In addition to it, we can take a resolve to address issues which have a Solution- Instances where medicine is scarce in one location but abundant in another; Cases where cost effective generic alternatives to the patented medicines are available; Making diligent logistics arrangements to tackle disruptions. In many cases, all it takes is intent, perseverance and a hands-on approach to overcome these challenges and make a difference.

This philosophy has been my guiding principle as well—to persist in taking action within our control. As a team, we tirelessly endeavour to address the medical needs of healthcare entities worldwide, shouldering our responsibilities with unwavering dedication. We believe in collaborating with organizations to explore innovative solutions and find resolutions to the challenges they encounter.

We hold the highest regard for all the behind-the-scenes personnel, including the procurement and operations teams of healthcare entities, especially in low- and middle-income countries and regions affected by disturbances who work tirelessly to ensure the smooth functioning of services on the front lines.

By working hand in hand, we strive to make a positive impact and improve the healthcare landscape together.

Our Quality Checklist

We offer products exclusively manufactured in USFDA/EMEA/PIC/s or WHO-cGMP accredited facilities.

We provide quality and traceability documents such as Certificate of Analysis, Certificate of Origin, Information leaflet, and GMP certificates , if required.

Mandatory usage of data loggers in all temperature sensitive cold chain shipments is strictly ensured.

We facilitate logistic arrangements through all major carriers like Emirates, Lufthansa, DHL express, Fedex and other major service providers in Air and Sea cargo, even for temperature-controlled shipments.

All Shipments are covered by cargo insurance for secure transport.

We ensure strict compliance and adherence to WHO-GDP to ensuring traceability.